I Crashed into her on the Water Slide

She walked up the wrong way, but we learn it’s not a #freakoutculture. How much freedom do you have at El Oasis water park in Mexico? Also, you get to see me with no shirt on

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ufo69691 says:

I wish I could afford a permanent Mexican vacation

aprilfool1965 says:

Crashed into her may have been an accident, but, after repeating it 10 times within a short period gets suspicious. HAHA 😉

Rudy Kurva says:

Alcohol and beer is normal in the world. Also in swimming pools, right? I never seen in my life that knifes or beers you can’t bring with you. In Slovakia or Czech Republic or.. idk. You can bring everything!

norcal news says:

Been looking at moving to Mexico,

Daniel Webb says:

What part of Mexico did you go to it looks awesome their you all be safe great viedo

Cristos Palabras says:

Welcome to México, land of the non-slaves, since 1810. Thanks to Padre Miguel Hidalgo. And, hot springs are EVERYWHERE in México. Even trout fishing in many places.

Paul Denet says:

We are envious of your freedom and happiness.

One Shot Racing says:

Enjoy your life down in a third world country trying to justifying it as paridise. you can justify it by it’s so much more fun, but where’s the safety?

Carlos Romero says:

ride water slides on your on risk

Gods warrior says:

Awesome video. I’ve never been to Mexico but this make me want to go.

paul taylor says:

I just stumbled on to your channel and I’m watching it all!! I’d like to chat with you if possible?

Peter Griffin says:

Gavin the reason why there’s so many rules in the U.S. is because of liability. People are sue crazy here so businesses, such as water parks, have a high liability risk so they need to protect themselves as much as possible from the sue crazy public and blood sucking lawyers. If you want to know who is responsible for taking away our freedoms, start chasing the lawyer’s!

Charles Michalski says:

were coming for you gavin were close the cartel knows


much respect to you and the family bro
1 love.

miequipoatlas01 says:

Had you been at termas del Rey At Ezequiel Montes ?

William WAGENER says:

Gavin. Glad your enjoying life. MAKE THE CALL:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQAFzBpM0YM&t=334s < < < < < < THE LAST INTERVIEW before BROWNS were ARRESTED. It has been 11 years, costing taxpayers $100,000+ per year to keep them in Prison. Enough, Call Trump on his White house "Comment line" 202-456-1414, and say, "Full Pardons for the BROWNS of New Hampshire". MAKE THE CALL 202-456-1414

Jonathan Toledo says:

I know slot of people ask this but when are you coming back

Andrew Grey says:

If Mexico is so great and America sux, why are they all wanting to come here then? No one can seem to answer that one.

Billy Lindsey says:

See people what ya’ll money paid for garvin vacation in Mexico

Brandon Spicer says:

I think those rules (which would have kept the slide clear) might have helped if you would have caused serious injury to that little girl.

Fash Forward says:

It’s all fun until you get kidnapped

One Shot Racing says:

You are a felon fugitive and I pray the U.S. marshalls catch up with you! You are wacked dude!

Erik in Minnesota says:

I think a lot of it the US is because people are sue happy and like to file lawsuits for anything so there are more rules and people instructed to enforce them to prevent lawsuits from happening. It’s a country built on greed and capitalism. How can I capitalize from any situation and what can I get from it. That’s America .

Beast Que says:

Gavin I love ur vids keep doing it and I will support u till the end I wish I was there with u and all those other people are haters

Mario Brnabic says:

Beautiful video Gavin. Seeing all that water and everyone smiling was great.

Billy Lindsey says:

When you sorry ass come back to America dont drive what ever you do don’t start no trouble you trouble maker cause you will go to prison

Kevin Palmer says:

I like Mexico but what do you do for money ?

M PM says:

Mexican women are just beautiful. Thx Gavin for posting. Hope to get out of the devil’s den (USA) soon.

HFM Min says:

Your wife looks so relax and happy love it

Les Mounteer says:

How do you support yourself do you work or independently wealthy

Its Me Again McKay says:

What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! Your wife, is so pretty, and with No makeup! The children seem SO HAPPY and so darling…You are one lucky man! The mentioning of rules could have been left out, and just have been your beautiful day out.

Keith nunya says:

She’s so cute. Is love to meet someone like her

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