Huracan Waikiki Wave Super Flip Flat Ride POV Six Flags Mexico

Follow us on Twitter! – This is one CRAZY flat ride! Check out this Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip!


Rachel Normand says:

that looks fun!!

Kevin Saldivar says:


Nina Kennedy says:

In my Duckie voice, “nope! not me! nope, nope, nope!!!!”

Gabriel Esparza says:

You guys didn´t you just did the SLC but not the dark one…

sbecktacular says:

this thing has some serious power…..

Jude Garcia says:

My money fell in that game ugh at least I only had 20 pesos lol guys don’t go to this game with money in the pockets, it might fall, every time I go I always see money on the floor lol

ShroomWalrus says:

There are only like this and one in dreamworld. It’s sad. Huss Topspins i think are still better if run correctly. Operating topspin-family rides is an art.

Musically Mania says:


Stijn Wouters says:

Hey that thing plays indrustrial Music :D.

Ky says:

just like wipeout at dreamorld australia

Tauheke Roberts says:

just like the wipeout at dreamworld australia

BBP Games says:

This is like Demon at La Ronde in Montreal

Lael Loveless says:

This one it’s super fun.

MineCraftKanaalFTW says:


ALQUIMIA 2050 says:

Me encanta!!!!!!

Aurea Garcia says:

That was an amamizing experience. I really Love it. The view it’s so beautiful and the feeling is so cool. lmL

Kg C says:

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Derp DerpyFace says:

wait didn’t the woodie in the background get converted into a hybrid with inversions?

Laurie Josco says:

The one at Dreamworld, Australia is way better! It has been newly refurbished and has many features such as water, water canons and LED lights, these features where re- added after a couple of years without the water and a swimming shark. Search up the video.

EdwinGotAss says:

the worst thing is that this ride can go alot faster, that use to happen when mexico isnt having vacation season

EdwinGotAss says:

yo igual ;’)

sbecktacular says:

creepy cool ride……looks like some disjointed war of the worlds thing…
the noise it makes is weeeeiiirrrd……
very cool!

kristian simpson says:

we have this in Australia at Dreamworld called the wipeout its great been going for years

AdamBlueification says:

hahaha you have the exact same reaction as me, I just sit there giggling.

Blakkhawks says:


Gabriel Esparza says:

Hey guys you should do kilahuea review… its a really good game here on Six Flags Mexico

Mar A says:

This ride definitely has attitude. 

Dean Shaw says:

+ Theme Park Review will you guys be comming to australia again to get a pov at dreamworld for the new hotwheels rollercoaster?

Annie Kamisama says:

It’s so scary. Rided once and never ever ever and ever I’ll never ride it again. I wish, you Robb and all you’re TPR crew will come next year to the Medusa Steel Coaster opening. 🙂 Seeing your videos since 2009.

Gavin Crowley says:

Holy bucket list

Angelo plays Minecraft says:

Wow cool ride I want to ride it

Gamer Person says:

Did I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ake you wipe your screen?

Scott Taynia says:

Who would want to get on that rusty thing.

luxiorollerattractions says:

Theme park review you have to ride the new medusa steel coaster , it’s very fast and crazy

Tyler McClelland says:

this is…terrifying.

Raul Montes says:

if i were to go on this ride, i would have to puke

Isaac Hair says:

did robb go on this

tornadosirenlover100 says:

Just looking at Pounding Surf 1 makes me feel sick.

Odett 23 says:

Tu madre se va a subir en esa cosa XD

AdamBlueification says:

Exactly the same as the Wipeout at Dreamworld Australia.

Rachel Beers says:

I’ve been on this ride it’s no that bad it’s really fun

Ann Kristin Vestnes says:

this one just sounds and looks scary.. o0

Descaines says:

Love that creepy noise.

Olivia Dzomba says:

This ride looks old and rusty and unstable and weak and im not going on that thing

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