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Went out to Mexico a few days ago! Had a ton of fun with some friends at this water park. they just built a Slip N Fly and we knew we had to check it out and the owners were kind enough to let us in for free!


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Isaac Knight says:

Take tanner and Jake with you

LeGiTnEs says:

3:43 niple slip

MN Zulrv says:

I am so happy jake showed me you your vlogs are so entertaining and enjoyable keep up the good work!!!

shamus corbett says:

rip kevin

Ballin SB says:

4:45 her boob falls out of her shirt lol

Feature Gaming says:

Zay hmu im so down to come

Chris F says:

Yo i live in pacific beach sd im def down to go

Why britney says:

the ending clip warmed my heart

Alonso Garcia says:

Tell me when you are coming i leave in mexico

Alexis Bell says:

Where is this place

skeleton YT3 says:

Soy el único mexicano que ve esto jaja

Debby MR says:

Did the girl say give me money mijo or I need money

Sebastian Rodriguez says:

U guys going to the water park again let me know

Caitlyn Sugars says:

aye throwbacks
you inspire me
i’m starting vlogging soon , sub to me please

Briana Nieves says:

I want to gooo!!!!

Zak Foxwell says:

3:46 # boobslip

blake wilkerson says:

Hey man love your videos just wanted to know what the song was at about 1:50

Duckdive boys says:

I’m in riverside let’s collab?!?

Max Levine says:

how did you do the effect at 2:05

Angel Luv says:

Nice work!!! I love how you edited when you were going down the slide with the sketches!! What editor are you using?

Rekless12/7 says:

I went there today the place was gross tbh but it was fun

im- Diego says:

the ladys boob totaly sliped LOL

Haley Flowers says:

The way Kevin was at the end was so so so so funny I don’t know way

Zedjec says:

Tell that black bitch nice tit

Jdraper14 says:

Quality videos. What’s your camera setup?

Samantha Anne says:

Too bad I live in the Bay Area

ManuVlogs says:

i love bodyboard

Kade Tune says:

how do you do effects at 1:56 – 2:02??

Jonathon Kerby says:

kev be so slick wit it at the end, i fux wit my guy heavy. he be so monotone tho

Kian Taheri says:

Your legend

ManuVlogs says:

ojala que cuando juegue mexico con chile gane mexico yo soy argentino pero hablo muy bien el ingle

Viviana Romo says:

I’m going there in august

Jorge Martin del Campo Hernandez says:

Yooo them tacos. Yo Zay you are the man. I literally just use YouTube to watch your videos. You know how to live life. Keep it up. I also love your videos in Hawaii. Hit me up.

Stevie B. Productions says:

that place looks sick dude! awesome video

Macy Broome says:

I wanna come!!! But I live in MS so that might be an issue…

James KB says:

that waterpark is definitely a narco money laundering business

YouCubeTech says:

so sick omg keep it up

Jose Gonzalez says:

I’ll come with you guys next time

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