GRAPHIC: Woman falls to death from rollercoaster in Mexico

A bystander captured shocking video footage of the nightmarish moment a woman fell to her death from a roller coaster after her mechanical restraint failed. The incident took place at an amusement park in Penjamo, Mexico. READ MORE:

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pagodagold says:

This is very sad..someone went there for fun and this happend..the family should be well taken care of paid by the park..need ro have old fashion seat belts AND the safety bar!

G.D. Abir says:

Rest in peace poor soul 🙁

PsycheCell88 says:

Looks like 2 people fell

anna jo1982 says:

SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So that wasn’t suppose to happen

pit fermi says:

Is the roller coaster ok?

Kelvin Kross says:

Not a Roller Coaster its a ride , and that was very sad, sympathy to the woman’s family

I BraveHeart says:

Poor women

angriest ummpa lummpa says:

Eh shit happens

se7en1976 says:

How do I explain that this isn’t a roller coaster. Derps.

CryptoHodlor says:

blood sacrifice.

bad campa says:

Thats really awful

JoseCAM10 says:

For every like I’m killing a ‘murican

Nick Dzink says:

Is it 2007 or is it just Mexico?

Linda Doucett says:

the comments show how degenerate muricunts have become.

Eternal Dragonoid says:

And then people ask me, “why are you scared of rollercoasters?”

johnconer70 says:

RT has no class. Gotta get those views though right.

A M says:


Nate Higgins says:

This is what the neoliberals and libertarians want to happen in America. Just look at Kansas.

C Walker says:

Never going on a roller coaster again.

Anne S. says:

Poor people 🙁

atlaspressed says:

Mexican engineering at it’s best, and don’t buy a house from a company that use’s Mexican construction workers, it will collapse just like that bridge in Florida did.

alexander1485 says:

how is this graphic? the video ends.

echoesroll says:

disgusting comments, show the reality of lack of empathy, love and respect …
how poor are their minds to try be funny in someone death . Karma it’s a !

Brazed says:

Looked like a pretty fat person thats what they get for being overweight

georgianborat says:

“Most likely Russians did it”

M A says:

It’s seemingly not high enough for the fall to be fatal.

D F says:


Gentleman Adventurer says:

Maybe Mexico needs to import a few million of those doctors and engineers from the sub Saharan desert. Might help with their lack of diversity as well. Could have saved this woman’s life.

Aman Singh says:


Hood Standards says:


ArmAMajor says:

It wasn’t even a high fall.

John Dark says:

Why go on shit ride

L Y says:

Hahaahahahaha, third world country!

cheekyoziechick says:

Go at your own risk. Too many accidents on those things.

Axel E. Funk says:

The red circle of death strikes again

TectonicTsunami says:

The stupid safety bar failed, no doubt due to lack of maintenance…but anyone who goes on those rides is a fool anyway, the same as those moronic bungee jumpers = no sympathy from me.

Nic Parker says:

It has happened to me where the bar comes loose.. The rides are not too safe I think..

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