Galaxi (POV) – Cliffs Amusement Park (HD)

Take a ride on the Galaxi roller coaster at Cliff’s Amusement Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Filmed in Full HD in 2014.
David Ellis – Roller Coasters, Thrill Rides and more
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richard baca says:

so so so goood

Mayum dayum says:

Hi gr8 vid! Ima go to cliffs tomorrow and im rlly skinny and light so i hope the seat belts pass my moms inspection!

Elias Mertens says:


DieselDorky16 The Backup says:

Hey, this was just like the one at Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, ME. You should go there to the coaster “Galaxi” (which is the farthest ride in) and compare to the one in New Mexico.

Jason Doutree says:

This is Jayson jr this ride is the best ride ever. three fast parts .people hwo has not been too cliffs,please go.

james woody says:

I think I just inadvertently deleted my previous comment when I was answering you.  Oh well, it was my comment about riding the galaxy at Coney Island, Cincinnati and how much I enjoyed it and how it gave me the courage to ride the Shooting Star. You read it already, David. But I left you a clarification about that comment below. I didn’t mean to say that it was the exact same one that can be found at Cliff’s in New Mexico. I worded my response incorrectly.

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston} says:

That Galaxy looks like quite a ride. I used to love to ride the one that was located at Paragon Park.
Thanks for sharing it David~

richard baca says:

so so so goood

Matthew Ortiz says:

whiplash 1:46

Mexxy says:

i am fine with heights and roller coasters but the drop i can NOT do ever one time on that galaxi ride i hid under the seat

Hypernukeleosis Kirby says:

Yup, another coaster that I wouldn’t want to put my hands up on, those bars look way to close, haha. I am surprised by the turn speed of the corners for such a small ride though!

ChloëNetwork says:

This is one of the worst ones I went on it with my cousin and cried

james woody says:

One thing I mentioned in my comment about the “Galaxy” is that I remembered the Coney cars as two-four seaters for a total of eight seats. That seems to be the case according to the RCDB.

Practical Lessons says:

This is my favorite ride at Cliff’s. 

Boonsak Vesaratvej says:


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