Galaxi front seat on-ride HD POV Cliff’s Amusement Park

Of the three dozen S.D.C. Zyklon Galaxi coasters that have been built, 13 are currently still operating. It might seem like there have been more than 36 parks that have had one of these because 13 have been relocated, including at least six of those currently operating.
Cliff’s Amusement Park is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Evident Equinox says:

There used to be an S.D.C Galaxi at Canobie Lake Park. I didn’t know they were so rare these days. Lucky I got to ride one when I did.

girlstorm09 says:

i just thought of this. imagine some mad man of the amusement park world invented some pretty weird coaster type hybrids. for example a hyper or even giga Galaxi! so think this coaster but having 300 foot tall drops! it would be a wacky ride! or how about a launching Mad Mouse coaster with inversions? or imagine a wooden acceleration strata coaster with RMC inversions after the big drop? i know i know i probably dont know the more complex laws of physics and these probably wouldnt work for some reason but its still fun to imagine the wackest coasters! oh or how about combinding a ferris wheel with a coaster have a giant ferris wheel wheel going down some super wide coaster tracks! like a giant wheel rolling down a hill but it would be padded and built to comfortably and safely roll down the hills and such!

HAZE_productions says:

Pinfari Coasters always come to my fair (including the RC-48).  They’re okay as long as you sit in the back…

knight13069 says:

Man am I spoiled to live in Ohio with Cedar Point and King’s Island… I’m sure this ride is great fun if it’s all you have near you, but it’s hard to compete with the rides we have.

MysteryGFU says:

Its not that scary I went on it


Whada manufacturer fo dis rad?

ღTheLoneWolfღ says:

I went there yesterday. I rode tilt a whirl, that spinning kiddie ride, and music express. Those rides were scary and I didn’t see it coming

Franco Curcio says:

Hello, and this was a great video

phoenixmagi2 says:

Its good to see you finally filming american parks again but this ride stunk

Docktor Jim says:

Helixed to death. 

Franco Curcio says:


martinez gameing 2.0 says:

i allmost hit my head on one of the bars on the galaxi

Bexy Evans says:

Why do people even make coasters like this?

Ari's way says:

You must have some ghetto issues

millie says:

i had a panic attack after going on this lmao. im weak

Maya with the slime! says:

I came on that and the rattle Snake

A Beautiful Life says:

Sad to say that this was the best roller coaster New Mexico had to offer until about 7 years ago :-/

Warren Parker says:

So many memories, now I live in SC…. NO PARKS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Saraa.krank says:

My second roller coaster, after the Rattler!

Boss Chick says:

I was in the front I love that ride galaxi

Ari's way says:

I am gonna ride this next week for my birthday

Lime Street Entertainment says:

This was also known as the Cyclone at the Orange County Fair.  Great Memories.



Sharon Córdova says:

My sister thinks this is scary

daijia jones says:

oh how much I love this ride I go every year except for this year

Geeky Gal says:

Wow, that’s an old one… There is one here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Frontier City Theme Park) It is standing but not operating, and when it did operate, it ran in the dark. I never got to ride it, but I bet it was cool. 

Haylee Hacker says:

rude I live here

Stephanie Dodson says:

i went on that ride lol

Icaller1915 says:

I actually went to Six Flags Great America, that is a very big Amusement Park.

Sad Strange Little Woody says:

We have one of these at our local fair.

yeahhh boiii says:

My first roller coaster 🙂

SevenSwordGaming says:

looks like a pinfari


Dat track do

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