FIESTA ETERNA! (EDC Mexico Vlog ;)

My friends at Insomniac Events invited me down to Mexico City to experience Mexico’s very first Electric Daisy Carnival… AND TACOS!

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Bass Kidz – Radiation
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Light Infusor’ – imp
License: CC Public Domain

‘Rancho Fiesta’ – WavingFish

‘Masked Bandito’ – StockMusicStore

‘Mexican Jingle’ – Alandra

‘Mariachi El Mojado’
License: CC Public Domain

‘Mariachi’ – F.E.P.
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Wall’ – Eric Lam
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘wooshs 04 (medium)’ – toyoto
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Blop’ – Mark DiAngelo
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Cymbal Hits Reversed’ – CloudyEyeTavern
License: CC Attribution 3.0

‘Mexico City 24hr Time Lapse’ – mp821802

‘Take Off’ – Czuber


Luke Underwood says:

thats whats up, great job

theassasin blacksmith says:

“Mexico city was like yeah, fuck it, nuke em.” I lol’ed so hard

Héctor Patrón says:




RIPPMAN180 says:

i was in deming nm yesssss lol

datmanflyliketeca says:

Absolutely great editing Sark, especially the ending part at 7:15 just spectacular editing man. This is why you are my favorite!

Conor Massey says:

I have yet to make it to anything bigger than Life in Color. I just watch the live feeds from Ultra and EDC longingly.

Neutral Person says:

Man, I would do almost anything to get over there. It looks awesome!!!

TheCooldudeisawesome says:

NUKE EM. I fucking love Sark! XD He has comedic timing down to a science.

Professional Spectre says:

Back during Sark’s “Soap Mctavish” haircut days.

Jesse Fletcher says:

awesome taste in dance music! seen Bloody beetroots and they are fucking awesome

Waxclock says:

This is an old video but you fucking rock Sark!

Mr. Redsnake says:

Dude I would be so stoked to hang out with Sark irl. Legitimately my most impactful role model alongside my father

tone4388 says:

Sark looked liked a kid with the lucha cape on, and that’s great xD

ChiefTrevdog says:

Sark you are so awesome. Please always continue to be awesome

Kinben says:

Honestly, I’m not sure how I would react if I met you IRL.

Mateo Santos says:

he is so fucking right about the tacos

TheMADGUY50 says:

“Nuke-em” felt so good and hype to hear that.

Surreal Wolf says:

Loved it all but the wrestling just like WWE terrible.

Gurren Gambit says:

according to your speedo, you’re driving a toyota to mexico. and did you go to Isla de Las muñecas?

Paul Kim says:

Ever thought of teaming up with Rick Steve to give video tours of foreign countries?

Ronniee Francis says:

New Mexico <3

Reliable Giraffe says:

Seeing you at EDC NY would be a dream come true! hahaha

Jose Ulloa says:

“fuck it, nuke ’em”

Jack Herman says:

Señor Sark, should I go to EDC Orlando? I’ve always wanted to go to one but after seeing this video I think it’s a no brainer

Ruben Sunde says:

holy shit sark, i wana party with you so fucking bad

The Moose says:

what kinda car is this

Gert Meyers says:

“You mexicans love your cervezas”. Proceeds to drink the pisswater known as Heineken. ggwp Sark
But for real, does Mexico have decent local beers as well?

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