This time we spent the day in XEL-HA, the most beautiful water park we have been in. We got to snorkel and go down the zip lines. Not without a scary experience at the waterslide..

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Thanks to Lorena and her team for inviting us!*
Much love
-Joss and Janik

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Labor de Amor says:

Hi guys I’m the girl who said hi to you at the entrance. It was nice meeting you

Miley Rae says:

I have been there at Cancun like 3 days ago it is so fun!! I got hurt a couple of times their but it is cool

Tobi D. says:

its a cool video again and I have a lot of respect regarding cutting it on the computer. Seems very professional to me and pretty sure takes a lot of time.

In your video for your plans for 2018 you “proposed” making a cooking video (because of living healthier)

I think could be also really nice to see it and still waiting for this 🙂

Mario Tanti says:

Nice couple, very well edited videos, beautiful water park.

Caleb The Xbox Fortnite Gamer says:

I went on this in January

Natalie Ramos says:

Me encantan demasiado sus videos! Love you guys❤️

Wilma Changoluisa says:

13:28 Jajaja xD

Charly Khalil says:

Han venido s Cozumel ? Les recomiendo el Cielo. Saludos. Primera vez que veo sus videos

Jennifer Perez says:

Oh my God this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. Now I have another place I want to visit on my bucket list. What a beautiful place!

Edith Morlán says:

Soy nueva subscriptora!!! Yeiiii jajaja. Me encantan sus vídeos, hace tiempo había la opción de comprar en las tiendas de recuerdos un “pasaporte” que ibas marcando con sellos de todas las atracciones del parque y si al final mostrabas tu pasaporte lleno te daban una playera, sólo que no sé si aún siga eso.

Tengo una duda chicos! Youtube pone los subtítulos en automático, o lo hacen ustedes?

Erica Lopez says:

It’s so beautiful! I’m definitely visiting here.

Laura Arreola says:

K bonito Lugar Hermoso Saludos mis chulos bendiciones

Eduardo Diaz says:

Its so funny, the part of the waterslide did happened to me hahah feel like I was drowning and loose complete orientation, the lifeguard had to take me out hahah it wasnt funny, greetings

Mindy Puchi says:

What camera do you use? Your videos are amazing

suga r says:

5:12 wtf ! v: that was weir lol

ggg says:

best editing I’ve seen

Carolina NuneZ says:

Que bella pareja son la combinación perfecta muy lindos los dos

Lynda Ndiba says:

Damn! You do such a perfect job on editing.

Desiree Alvarez says:

The quality of your videos are so good! I feel like I’m watching a movie

Dan Bel says:

México has a beautiful places, I love it!

Agente 879 says:

Les quedo muy bonito el video. Piensan ir a los otros parques como a Xenses o Xplor?

magdalena quintero says:

Siempre que sus videos es pura envidia de la buena!!! Muy Bonita pareja la confianza y el amor mutuo es infinito

melanie Marvas says:

Me hubiese gustado conocerlos en persona , yo vivo en cancun. Pero soy de oaxaca, espero hayan conocido muy lindos lugares.

José Rodrigo says:

Damnit when i went to xel ha the water slide didn’t exist.

Winnie Ziervogel says:

Bei der Rutsche habe ich genau dieselbe Erfahrung gemacht,totale Orientierungslosigkeit am Auslauf ( obwohl ich “nur” die Blaue gerutscht bin).

alissamour XXX says:

this was one of the best vlogs i‘ve ever seen, really enjoyed the information about the animals. and you guys are so funny, wish you all the best

Mar Nami says:

Thanks for share guys, nice video. Beautiful ❤

Diego Nápoles says:

Las ganas que tengo de ir ahora desoués de haber visto sus videos!!!

eeveeta says:

My boyfriend is German and I’m Mexican and we both live in Playa del Carmen! I wish we had met you guys! I’m so happy that you enjoyed your time here 🙂

Jay Seng says:

Highly recommended. 3 or 4 all you can eat, higher end buffets included with your ticket. Different stations, red, blue, brown, yellow, and a few more where you can pick up swim gear. If you want to wear shoes down to the lazy river entrance (bs, it’s work) they have locked bags and they meet you back at the restaurants. 10-15 minute walk.   Also, don’t worry about cell phones, you can swipe your wrist band at different locations and the cams take the photo.  For us it was almost 60$ for the full package, or 1 for 18$, so maybe consider one of the camera waterproof bags. Lockers were free at each station.  It’s 10 minutes from Tulum/Akumal Hotels, 30 minutes from playa de Carmen. You’ll be swimming with people from all around the world, and swarmed by dozens of fish. We’ve done a lot around the Riviera Maya and this was our favorite. Tickets online showed about 130$ a ticket when I looked, at the door it was 90$. It’s beautiful people.

MaTutiToツ Gameplay says:

Yo vivo en Playa del Carmen ne gusta que visiten mi estado de Quintana Roo

Marianne Pl says:

Pero que edicion tan impresionante! Me encanta! Llevo semanas viendo todos sus video jajaja los amo

Stacy says:

Guys, your videos are beyond amazing, the editing is especially fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Claudia Martinez santana says:

Bienvenidos a mi estado de Quintana Roo.

busita 05 says:

Que imágenes tan padres todo se ve hermoso lindos los dos.

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