Crazy Chinese Tagada Amusement Park Ride POV INSANE Florland China

There is NOTHING like the Tagada and this one at Floraland in China was absolutely NUTS!!! “Never in America!!!”

Filmed by Robb Alvey –

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Jason Stover says:

Socks in the face and all like completely very adult men. LOL what a weird ride.

jeremy liu says:

Where is there?

ShidoChannelTv says:


Van Rosenthal says:

Not gonna lie, that looks freakin awesome

Deplorable Me says:


Seleste ; says:

The others I’ve seen are more intense then this one I will say I’d live to ride this blown I can tell if love this ride

Myles Thomas says:

I would be standing on the ride I have great balance I stood on a rocking footrest and it didn’t even rock I didn’t fall either

Meaghan Kehoe says:

America would neverrrrrr

CalmDown BigBrother says:

i need 20 girls and me on this .

وردة الفردوس says:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my belly hurt me I was laughing like crazy girl till I hurts my belly that was really funny so much I really can’t stop laughing at this video

essenceofman says:

It reminded me of one of those nature shows of fat walruses on the beach.

Madam•B says:

LOOOOL must be tiring

the dramatic life of daniel says:

And i totally dont see anything wrong with china i guess its the u.s afterall who want to obtain the whole world with violence ,paedophilia i dont see how these folks are dangerous

Fenix Lai says:

LMFAO what did I just watch I’m laughing in tears

Jon B. says:

They have these in Mexico and the operator basically challenges everyone that rides to get up and dance during the ride lol. It’s also not patted in Mexico.

GLaDOS says:

And this concludes our tutorial on how to have an orgy

The Q news says:

I would like to put holes in the bottom and just sit under it. Make sure not to tell the riders to empty their pockets before getting on. Cha Ching

Amusement Park Studios says:

This ride looks like it’s on steroids

Kyzer 01 says:

Simpa se modèles en mousse
Bonne idee !

Hylianx64 says:

The germs on that mat would be next level tbh

Maritza Espinoza says:

pero que clase de orgia es ésta? :v

Bones Skully says:


Matty Ezze says:

Me alegra ver como personas adultas se divierten como niños. Nunca hay que perder el niño que llevamos dentro de lo contrario la vida sería aburrida.

Coaster Rica says:

These types of rides are actually banned in America, for a good reason.

Alexia Jones says:

That ride probably smells like feet and ass

GLaDOS says:

Compared to all the others this is the safest as the floor is soft, the seats are low and it isn’t OTT fast or “bouncy”

Tess deCarlo says:

Chinese amusement ride? These a bunch fat white Americans

feeltheillinois says:

this does not look fun at all lmao

Dario Damian says:

Fantastic niños.

Vernesha Britt says:

They look like they all smell like booty swear and breath

sadiya niazi says:

Song name??

Arkadia Importaciones says:

no woman no fun

swamy d says:


Chance Mercado says:


The DisneyAddict says:

The ones in Mexico can throw you off.

Joaquin Cruzana says:

We have here Tagada

Captain Armer D' Luffy says:


malena Suarez says:


B. Lonewolf says:

The secret is to just hold onto the bars *really hard*! Of course, good luck keeping your shoulders in their sockets….

(I know this from personal experience.)

Ryan Tornai says:

white people

Master Knife says:

The Health and Safety nazi’s would be all over this if this was in the UK

Jon B. says:

They also have these in Mexico. No padding and the operator encourages riders to get up and dance it’s awesome

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