Cliff Hanger Drop Tower (HD POV) – Cliff’s Amusement Park

Off-ride and on-ride HD POV footage of the Cliff Hanger drop tower at Cliff’s Amusement Park, Albuquerque, NM.
David Ellis – Roller Coasters, Thrill Rides and more
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Anonymous says:

iv’e been on a mega shot!! before too

Stephanie Dodson says:

that ride is scary but not for me it’s so fun

Eyeless Jack says:

I dont like this ride at Cliffs. My dad forces me to go on it and he says he’ll never say for me to do it again but that was the 6th time he asked me! I dont like that ride, it scares me

Keighly W says:

OH MY GOD o.O I would SO ride this if I wasn’t terrified of rollercoasters and big rides.

Acircus says:

sadly this was the one ride I forgot to get on

elevatorchannel 2 says:

this is the counterweight less version of the ride

tyson parker says:

what if brakes fail

Chalky Loki says:

I’ve been on drop rides all over the country, but I must say that this one takes the cake for being the scariest! (Just my opinion. Which do you guys think is the scariest?)

Rebecca Ibarra says:

that’s my favorite ride in cliffs.

Zetzyz says:


Miguel Ramírez says:

I went on this ride exactly 22 times and it is fun today in July 11 2017 i forced my dad and he went on it and when the ride drop he said a cuss word and my mom to another time and he said that he will never go on it again. 22 times and I’m only 13 years old.


I watched this to see how long it took before it drops but it turns out it drops right when it stops so I’m less worried.

Melon Twist says:

This ride is so scary to me! It hurts my stomach real bad and I have only been on it once which was recently and I am never NEVER going back on it! So scary! LOL

Matthew Ortiz says:

this one is higher than the drop zone at western playland

Keighly W says:

I am determined to go on one of these! But I’ll start small XD

davidjellis says:

+Cameron C – These tower rides are quite intense, and give you a lot of ‘out of your seat’ sensation…sometimes the really tall ones from Intamin are a bit dull, in that once you have had that initial drop there really isn’t much of a thrill…I find the shorter ones a little more intense. On any drop tower, if you want to make them more scary, simply look down at the ground as you approach it…that adds to the sensation when you hit those brakes! I don’t find them unnatural, but for men the stand-up versions of these rides (the Intamin ones) can be a little painful in the crotch area!

Nate Alexander says:

I love your videos

Magnesium PC says:

Who built this? It looks like a Larson/ARM, but it doesn’t have the circular seat layout.

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