Cascabel Shuttle Loop Roller Coaster Back Seat POV La Feria Amusement Park Mexico City


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Shuttle Loop roller coasters are some of my favorites! This one at La Feria in Mexico City may look like a short ride, but it really packs a PUNCH!


Ethan Safai says:

You guys honestly produce the best videos and deserve millions of subs =)

zeyneikan Zukenashiro says:

so are you on México?

Mark Fritz says:

I miss the Tidal Wave from SFGAM. Is this the same launch with the giant weight in the tower after the loop? That was a real kick on the launch.

Labratoria says:

Ah.. There was an ambulance waiting for you… 0:30

LPS Cookie says:

icant believe I did that

Lps Jenskutarallaa says:

8 comment:)

LPS Cookie says:

yeah if it is that is awesome and no fair if it is

MelissaWDS says:

What came first revolution or this?

Travis says:

Is this what you do for a living?

Ryan Walker says:

was that an ambulance at the end of the ride.

Foeva 21 says:


RJ Nesbitt says:

Is this the former Kennywood Laser Loop?

Javy Paez says:

It’s like montezoomas revenge at Knotts berry farm

LPS Cookie says:

yeah if it is that is awesome and no fair if it is:)

Matthew Alvarez says:

Basically Montezoomas Revenge

Mama Maeva says:

m’y good

Laszlo says:

this rollercoaster reminds of rollercoaster tycoon! used to change the acceleration all the way up and cause a massacre in my virtual theme park >:D

Beauty everything Xx says:


Coaster Master says:

These are really fun!
I rode Montezooma’s Revenge, and it was really cool for such a small and short ride!

LPS Cookie says:

yeah if it is that is awesome and no fair if it is

G7 says:

This is the laser loop at kennywood. It was moved there

TheyMightBeBricks says:


Rob Venters says:

My first looper, and still one of my all time favorites. Very short, but so very sweet! RIP Tidal Wave / Greased Lightnin’ at California’s Great America. =(

Matt Schoenfeld says:

Hey TPR, it’s been a while.

EME ntertainment says:

You guys really need to come to Sweden this summer and ride the new insaen wood rollercoster at Kolmården in Norrköping, It`s going to sick.

Little pocket says:

I would never be able to go on that. (extreme scared of heights phobia) you guys are so brave! 😀

D R Y T O A L L O W says:


Queen Avery says:

I suscribed☺️ love your videos!

Elhrun says:

So awesome. Near the end of the launch you don’t realise anymore how fast you’re going, until you smash into that loop. Schwarzkopf <3

Jose Antonio Padilla Alarcon says:


Lauren Grzeczka says:

I thought the title said “subtle loop roller coaster” and I was like wait what

Yulissa Martinez says:

esta es la feria de chapultepec no la feria amusement

Reto 86 says:


Kavesha Kavesh23 says:

second ✌

LPS Cookie says:


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