Carnival games at La Feria in Mexico!

Orlando Florida Meet & Greet Information

Where: Arcade City Orlando, 8371 International Dr #50, Orlando, FL 32819
When: June 9th, 2018
Time: 2PM- 6PM

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We recently took a trip to Mexico City, Mexico and while we were there we visited La Feria de Chapultepec! La Feria de Chapultepec is an amusement park located within Mexico City. While we were there we came across some carnival games, so you all know we had to give the carnival games a go!

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Kat Jimenez says:

Go to sixFlags

Marisa Johnson says:

Love you guys

Yuliana Perez says:

me encanto❤

foxy amino tlh :3 says:

Genial México xD yo soy de México :3
Y me encantan sus vídeos *w*

Teofilo Enzo Soriano says:

I believe that the trick for the first carnival game you played is to try to hit the top so that it bounces to the bottom

Anyways, nice vid!!!

Racheal Lange says:

Have they ever been to Germany?Would be cool to see them at Oktoberfest in Munich..I have been there it’s awesome..but sadly kind of expensive.

Judith Garcia says:

Go for the machine called “Muñelocos” here in Mexico it’s very easy win

Mrs Judoka says:

My family loves watching your videos. We love playing claw machines too!!

Thatjellybean 12 says:

Come to Chicago

Mr.E.Claws says:

Viva la raza!

Katie Newman says:

you did well -^-^- looks fun too x

Caleb McNeill says:


Joe Rodriguez says:

thank you for going to my place Mexico even tho I’m in California i never been to such places had fun seeing you guys venture a place where their is no tickets involved

musiclover 21 says:

Could you guys please come to Phoenix Arizona???

Kat Jimenez says:

Go to Six flags Mexico

Raevus 89 says:

Those games looked tough

Ingrid Millan says:

You guys should go to Oaxaca diaz ordaz! On August! Because there is a fair in the “centro” and it has games and rides! It also has foods and arcade games!plz go

Xesphere says:

I have to say it: carnival games here in Mexico are really really rigged so the player never win. I have played in La Feria de Chapultpec, Six Flags and many local fairs and it’s very unlikely to win, sadly :/

dove camoron 2 lunalp says:


Kawii Doge says:

Hola desde México 😀

Jessica Lernihan says:

crystal you need to be quiet when angel is playing because you jinx him

Lisa Marie says:

Where did the peppa pens go?! Haha looks like you’re having fun! (Well had fun!)

Elia santiago says:

Im mexican

Lokos x los experimentos y slimes says:

I live in México and i speak spa is and i think that the games of E.U.A are best han the Mexican games

Kawii Doge says:

Come to monterrey :”v

Daniel The Cool Boy says:

Angle is so bad at shooting games

The Arcade Couple says:

Amazing video 🙂 So cool that you get to travel to these amazing places and play some unique games! Thanks for sharing guys 🙂

green ender d says:

I’m from Mexico your in the carnival

arcade lady says:

I’m doing a project about u.s for school and you have to pick one State and I picked Florida!

toy universe says:

Its rey mysterio

Dee Dean says:


guillermo c.m says:

Por que no publicaron que vendrían a México 🙁
Ahora tienen que ir a six flags
Yo los invito jajaja

Seirra Prime says:

Where can I send you gifts?…

CiG ALERT says:

Did you tide El Tagada???

the lil sister says:

I Live in Mexico

Jess Chan says:

Those games do seem pretty hard!

Katie Robertson says:


Johnathan Smith says:

Hi you are awesome keep up the good work

Nathan Gaytan says:

para que vienen a jugar a mexico todo esta bien caro y pa pinches premios bien culeros que damos xdd sigan jugando de donde vienen

Sanjidub says:

welcome to Mexico 🙂 I hope you had a great time!

cookie says:

Do another can we win it or who will win the most ticket the loser have to do the ice bath challenge

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