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Follow us on Twitter @ThemeParkReview – Batman The Ride isn’t a B&M invert at Six Flags Mexico, it’s a Vekoma SLC. Thankfully, this was pretty good! (for a Vekoma SLC) – Filmed & Edited by Robb Alvey –


AngryDRAGON 1967 says:

I got on this ride, too. I thought the fence was going to hit my leg. But the twist, it felt like we went straight.

gersie123 says:

their’s a Canadian SLC too, It’s at Canada’s Wonderland, it’s called Flight Deck

Miriam Velazco says:


Mr.RADical says:

No parents were harmed in this video

X Box says:

We have the same coaster here but it’s called T3

Andrew Garcia says:

An exact copy of the gauntlet from Magic Springs

Mariana Luna says:
Nicole Rivera says:

reminds me of the mind eraser at darien lake ny !! lol but this seems a little bigger

jesus perez says:


Aline L.B. says:

Hahaha, I’ve been on this rollercoaster a hundred times, it’s great!!

SpongeSquid 0444 says:

So how did Batman became one of the smmothest SLC’s?

Betty Rodriguez says:

lo mejor!!!!

Franzack Kamarc says:

Una vez que fui a Six Flags y me subi al Batman, me lastime bien feo las orejas 🙁

Rafael Tassotti says:

Fire Whip?

FutureBoss Gaming-Vlogs says:

I rode this and my shoe flew off my cousin caught it and gave it me it was weird I thought I lost my shoe forever and they were my Freakin Air Jordan ( I care about my jordans )

momero de la grasa says:

Veo puros gringos, no veo ningún prieto <]:'{v

Nintendo WiiWorld says:

I’m brazilian boy. in Brazil we have one RollerCoaster similar the “Fire Whip” in Beto Carrero World

RedExions says:

This is a el condor copy from walibi Holland. And yeah its not the other way arround cuz vekoma is dutch.

Spooky Psyche says:

lol poor SF Mexico. Every other Six Flags got the nice B&M Batman, but they get this Vekoma trash

Joshua Gray says:

Should’ve gotten a B&M

Miklon Dk says:

Think if this crappy SLC was going to go backwards like the other Batman rides! I think that it would break your neck!

The Hawk says:

Why didn’t they get a b&m invert?

Andre Tessier says:
Joseph Hyde says:

El Shako my Butto??? Too funny man

Kristy Sanchez says:

I loved the new batman video its awesome and its here in six flags san antonio

AngryDRAGON 1967 says:

But, the poles that support the tracks are gray, now.

DO 01 says:

Even batman the ride is Vekoma

Gavin Crowley says:

SLCs are insane especially on the g forces on the first drop

Dingus says:

The only reason I watch SLC vids, is to read all the comments where people say “this ride is a copy of _________”


A.R Coaster Guy says:

Man those restraints look so stupid

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