Almost Died on Slip N Fly Water Slide at El Vergel

Almost Died on Slip N Fly water park slide at Albercas El Vergel aqua park in Tijuana, Mexico. I simply landed on my stomach and face from about 20 feet.

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Emishimaru - Sama says:

Well… the paddling movements you did with your hands midair kind of Interfered with your landing somehow man… [hopefully It was just that, and not that the camera was heavy for Its size]

jack manchaona says:

this might be fake because your not the camera your that person with the red shorts

Psycho Xd says:

My fat ass cannot swim nope not doing that

el capo says:

How did you get the camara back?

Bethany Taylor says:

You’re a massive pussy.

Shakira Gefferie says:

He drop his camera

papaside X says:


Tyler and Charlie's Channel says:

What happened!?

jack manchaona says:

and you looked find when you was swimming :/

jack manchaona says:

red handed

Dylan Peterson says:

uh i think he died:c

DefiantBoris says:

Action Park: We’re the most dangerous water park in the world!
Mexico: Hold my beer.

Luukoki026 says:

Seems like an Ali-A title

sergeant5027 says:

Wow. New Far Cry looks good

ᴘᴀɪɴ says:

When the camera is underwater I feel anxiety

Gino Gentili says:

nene malo de fondo! jajajajajajaja

neslosakul says:

I broken my collarbone In a water slide

Noah Steele says:

My worst fear is drowning

Benjamin Franklin says:

I think it is not safe

Scott Fillingham says:

How did u almost die? U mean the camera almost died

Subash Hamal says:

scary as hell

Raul De Sa Kabir says:


predator GD says:

You dont die. You *DIEN’T*

Keli Knight says:

Oh now I see what he did pause at the part where the Amusement force was going to the surface and u will understand what I was seeing

Jessica says:

Damatokasita song

PatrickThomas says:


Nico Brin says:

Odd question but whats the music thats playing in the background at the beginning

jack manchaona says:

you said you landed on you’re stomach now you face

DIMIS 2000 says:

Fell in, decided to take the camera off, started thinking that you have 1.8 million idiot subscribers, upload it on youtube. END!!

David Brannigan says:

I almost die of boring watching this

Plamen 21 Stanislavov says:

R. I. P

Bendy ???? says:

are you okay?
i feel scared

Asif javed says:



Anaban says:

Well it’s okay because he ALMOST died. Also (1000th comment)

jack manchaona says:


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