This abandoned water park in Mexico City is one of the most requested locations I visit here in Mexico. I teamed up with my urbex friends Exploring with Josh and Exploring with Cody, and we headed to Bosque Chapultepec, a park (more like a forest) in the heart of CDMX to vlog the adventure together. This abandoned theme park has a dark history, and we wanted to learn more about it.

It doesn’t look like it, but Atlantis was recently closed. It’s been less than 10 years since it shut it’s doors, yet it looks like a war zone. Being in the middle of such a big city, there have been lots of people come to do graffiti and explore, how it became so thrashed, I have no idea. It looks like it was half demolished. It was good to see the waterslides where still there, as well as some resemblance of what the wave pool used to be like, I had heard you could find tickets, but I didn’t come across any. Too much garbage on the ground.

A couple years ago news stories started circulating about seals and dolphins being kept in bad conditions inside the forgotten park. Helicopter footage (shown in the beginning of the video) shows green water, and live animals still living inside after the doors had closed. This rumour still circulates though Mexico City, and this was one of the prime reasons we wanted to explore. Would we still find animals there? Are the rumours true? It was scary to think that they might be.


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Dan Zunko says:

Found this on Google Maps Satellite. It looks like there used to be more BEHIND the wave pool – possibly a lazy river???

Miguel Ángel Hernández Juárez says:

I have never heard of that water park, the fucking Dóriga gave the news, qué loco con animales acuáticos y todo el show, aprendí algo nuevo en este video cómo siempre.

Cefer Paar says:

love your videos they are amazing

David Majcen says:

Hello Mike, how are you? I sent you an email. When you can read it please. Excellent channel. Bye.

Carlos Mendez says:

y tú amigo el catapixio?

David Majcen says:

Hello Mike, how are you? I sent you an email. When you can read it please. Excellent channel. Bye.

Leon Hernandez says:

any security?

Alejandro Lugo says:

ni recordaba que ese parque existia
y fui ahi alguna vez

Jaqueline Sánchez says:

It was real! The dolphins and seals were really living there. I was part of empty the tanks 2015 and until the that day we saw some seals, it was really sad. Nobody cares for those animals.

BTW you’re awesome!!!

Manuel Rodrigues says:

ya ves woe por lo menos ya está subtitulada

Karen Ruiz says:

If you go to Veracruz you should see the surrounding areas of the downtown there are lots of abandoned houses and they’re super creepy

Grace Marron says:

I’m from Mexico and I actually visited the par when I was young.. what happened with the animals? Are they still there?

cassie schulte says:

You should submit your videos to the History/Discovery channel. Love seeing this from your prospective

Richar Viveros says:

Good job amigos.

Samy Jack says:

You’re to old to be a student, amigo.

Don Deano says:

“Experiences over possessions” is an awesome quote, love it 🙂

Keep it together, Heather says:

Subbed! Exploring with Josh sent me! I love you guys!

sandaliasflipflops says:

Get your facts right, baboso. The water park was called “LA OLA” and later renamed “El Rollo” (which was a third world Wet’n’Wild) and Atlantis was like a mini-third world Sea World with the dolphins and seals. You made the same mistake as Emiliano Catapixia, por cierto dile a ese wey que ya no sea maricon y siga haciendo videos en lugar de ser tu chacha en los tuyos, aunque si lo hace para aprender, pues bien por el.


“Jump up and say amigo”
“Somos estudiantes” jaja eso siempre funciona, buen video bro.

Arsenio Martinez says:

I love these types of videos!!! Saludos mike!!

SarahydI.alesar23 says:

great place and great video!

summvs says:

I always wanted to get in there to explore ha, glad to see you guys did it! Great exploration amigos, abrazo

leo grande says:

mike ve a grabar a las ruinas san Juan parangaricutirimicuaro Michoacán es un pueblo que esta bajo lava de un volcán paricutin

fer castrejon says:

me encanta tu canal ,, los delfines y lobos marinos fueron rescatados lo vi por ahí en otro canal saludos mike

Lucy Rosero Lulu says:

tu español esta muy adorable saludps desde Ecuador

Joad Hernandez says:

los lobos marinos los transladaron hace 6 meses a Nayarit y ya están mucho mejor el gobierno de los quitó a la empresa y hai quieren reconstruir un parque pero sin animales, para haceer conciencia sobre la naturaleza pero la dueña del parque no quiere.

lo bueno es que los lobos marinos ya están asalvo y se. los quitaron ya en Nayarit tienen a tención médica y todo

Arthur Chairaman says:

there are abandoned mine towns near the CDMX, but specially in San Luis and Durango, also at the North of the CDMX in Edomex there are huge abandoned developments that people abandoned because the lack of services, and in the North of the country there are a lot if abdoned towns because of the narcos , look them up if its of your interest

Hotel California says:

show off speaking Spanish 私はお金の素晴らしい総額を継承しました。私はアメリカを今やバナナ共和国に残しています。thanks Google translater

Wander with Intent says:

Rules are made to be broken. Awesome place.

chassparra says:

Neta que bueno que los extrajeros disfruten Mexico Welcome friends

salva says:

here from Exploring with Josh channel! you talk about things with so much passion. its cool to see your take on things! looking forward to more videos

Mayra Espinosa says:

Que paso con los delfines? Nunca visite Atlántis, siempre visitaba Las Grutas de Tolantongo, y por lo que veo, el lugar estaba bien,… Saludos desde Cancún

Marta Zelaya says:

Ojalá q los animales no hayan terminado como la estructura. cuidemos los animales ellos dependen de nosotros. por favor!!!!!.

simon s says:

Debió haberse grabado de noche…..

finisfatalisspei says:

Loved the video! I remember going to this place when I was 4 or 5 years old, the dome used to be some kind of aquarium if I’m not wrong, I still have a couple photos taken in Atlantis. This is video is nostalgic!

Valeeryc says:

Soy de México y rayos, jamás había oído hablar de todos estos lugares que visitan.

juan ruvalcaba says:

pobres delfines ojala los allan rescatado

Carlos Josue Ruiz says:

haces muy buenos videos

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