Abandoned Water Park ( Big water slides!! ) Philippines!


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Farrah Chloe Ughoc says:

#samandcolby explore here please!!

Legendary Simple says:

I’m Filipino

B E A T R I Z says:

Pano makapasok diyan? Huhuhu reply pleaseeee

Nick Alt says:

Animatronic trecks

minty Swirls says:

Wow your still here at the philipens

little destroyer says:

Omg!!!i live there there’s a condo near by peaple live at the condo and i live there too

david mcgavin says:

go to glasgow ther is a toun of abandoned stuff

Allan Iman says:

I did’nt know our countru jave some abandoned places

G- Nova says:

Greetings from the Philippines Josh!

?? ?? says:

I live in manilla but not that manila I live in the Australia manilla

Kim Martin says:

OMG this makes me sad.

User says:

Go to the haunted theatre in manila… Boiiii that was haunted like real asf

Rosa Pulido says:

Guava juice is Philippines Too and live if u agree

kunkka5 says:

no wonder that they perish

Fox says:

Ive always wondered what would happen if you tried to turn on the water

Guest 666 says:

I’m a filipino and I never saw that place before because I’m only 11 lol

Allan Iman says:

make some more

Boat Boi says:

I always see this park when im going to the airport

Ralph Ralph says:

We went there but the guard said that we need a permit from their office to film there, is it true?

Seth Daigle says:

Hey Josh, you should come down to New Orleans and check out the abandoned Six Flags park! It is still on Google Maps. I’ve never checked it out but every time I head to Mississippi, we always pass the park up and it makes me sad. It went out of business because of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Caramel Macchiato says:

Can u perhaps visit Malaysia and do a tour on MIMALAND, its been like 24 years since it was abandoned..it used to be the largest theme park in Malaysia at that time..im really curious of how it look.

Hector Napoles says:

Pls donate to this place so could be done building and repaired

Coleen up says:

josh can you please go back to the Philippines not to look at abandon places but have fun beacuase i know a place in rosario,sarnimian on summer cuz i realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy want to meet you

Modena Butterfly says:

Who’s is that girl following you?????????

Little Johnny says:

Hey i know where is that its a part of manila right ive been there

precious boni8 says:

7:25 – 7:31

Møønlight Senpai says:

0:16 das a nice dog down there

EmperorJ says:

y u didn’t go to baguio , so much abandoned places , (paranormal)

Rolando Capili Jr. says:

We went there when I was a child. That was the prime resort before.

Seth Daigle says:

Just go look up on Google Maps “Six Flags New Orleans” It was originally named Jazzland and then six flags took over

Ailyn Icabandi says:

I saw that last saturday

Aimee Magana says:

I always see water fun sign while on the highway nakita ko i saw a person in there


That’s from 2012

Sophia Rocha says:

Hey Josh! Try to go in Baguio City still in Philippines, I think you may like it because there’s a lot of History like White house, Teachers Camp etc, it’s small place but lots of history Hope you enjoy:)

boombastik tinapantastik says:

Good thing there’s no Sec. Guard in there.

Daniela Ysabelle Bustamante says:

We always see that when we go to manila and i live in the philipines

chiean ryle de wilde says:

comeback to the philippines again!!! 🙂

OpTic Scump Jr. says:


xXSugar WaffleXx says:

OMG!! I went to the Philippines for vacation!!!

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