Abandoned Water Park Atlantis – Mexico City !

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Mark Luther says:

Since I can’t find Adam Woo anymore I discovered Josh and am really enjoying his vids. Great respect for the places you explore, you won a fan here.

SupernorrysGames says:

I hope you might end up getting permission for the dome and the area behinde the wall 🙂

yt.shorttty .x says:


LenoxChannel says:

3:54 red forrest, indeed. (12 monkeys fan.)

Antonio Becerra says:

My dad used to work in this park… haha cool stuff. Huge fan.

Tommy Louie says:

where did you get the video from the news

19amanfred says:

You make the best abandoned videos. I love you Josh.

Claire Mahony says:

This had a crazy amount of ads throughout it.

SupernorrysGames says:

You live such an amazing life i would not even have to money to go on trips all the time 😀

Lisa's Pieces says:

I subscribed. Could you be kind and do the same for me?

darion davis says:

bruh that green water looked pretty fuckin gnarly dude

Farley Productions says:

What a unique waterpark in Mexico. I enjoyed what you could record and show us. I love looking at the water slides especially. =]

AventuRata Movil says:

8:04 is that a bible?

TigerWollves Games says:

Please, Please, Please go to Red gate woods in Willow Springs Illinois!!!

Izzy Bult says:

You should go to river country

Nayska says:

i really think theres dolphins or something there.

Uber Cuck says:

Go to geauga lake park

JUAN says:

11:40 jajajajajaja pinchi mexico por eso estamos como estamoss

Rad Shawn ッ says:


Eloise The Gamer says:

it’s a shame what once could of been an epic place is now like this. looks really cool abandoned though.

Pieter Engelbrecht says:

can you go to the scariest place

dan a says:

you should go to Bissbe Arizona

Edgar Juarez says:

“somos estudiantes” head ass

Lazarus WoLf says:

when eres el único que habla español en los comentarios :3

Captain Gnarkill says:

That wave pool looks rad! Your vids make me wanna do more exploring vids.

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