Abandoned Amusement Park – Big Clown In Trees !

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Gacha Snowy & Gacha Luna & Gacha Midnight says:


Midnight Moon says:

Oh my god im from kentucky……..its cold

Barry Corbett says:

We need places like this to open back so we can have more fun places to go

Professor Oak says:

The clown in the Thumbnail looks like the one from JoJo’s Circus

Whichistheanykey PSN says:

The sea lions weren’t abandoned. They were still being cared for and have now been rehomed.

The Kentucky Derby was a horse racing game where players rolled balls down holes to make their respective horse move. The fastest horse earned its player a prize.

The monorail at 05:20 was a cycle monorail with little ships that riders peddle.

The spaceship was called Gravitron. It would spin really fast and passengers would stick to the walls.

The food court is open on 14th October 2018, but it is to exhibit lots for the auction on 21st October 2018. It is the second auction selling parts from the park.

The train was called Annabelle.

The Shrieksville haunted house ride is being auctioned off in pieces on 21st October 2018.

The clown was the top of a children’s slide.

The water ride didn’t have a bit fall off. For some reason, the second water slide was never completed. It now lies in pieces on the ground, sadly.

Hope the above is if interest.

Jasmine Green says:

3:12 it looks like its the nun in the background

Kaylyn McCabe says:

Y’all should do boblo island in between Michigan and Canada

Who Cares says:

I don’t remember that clown though

Michael Castro says:

He’s the only guy I know who gets so hyped over a slide ride. But I’m sure I’ll feel the same way if I had his life.

Lilliana Marin says:

Bye sea land I saw a person in the back do u know who it was it had a black suit

Who Cares says:

Used to love pleasure island as a kid

Telly Tubby says:

There is a flamingo land in Yorkshire today

CrazyAngelGaming says:

If nobody is going to tell him what the Kentucky derby is then I will. It’s a derby over in Kentucky. Beer, hats And more. Also you should come to Indiana or Louisville, Ky.

e m o t i o n a l l y says:




Angela Sweetpie says:

If Dollywood,Tennessee closed down I would explore it because I have been there I think it would be so cool and creepy because it is the happiest place in Tennessee btw I live in Tennessee

Cloudii Skies says:

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race, where a bunch of funny hats are worn! 🙂

Lexi Cowell says:

Me:can I go

funtime luan loud says:

I would have loved this why did it shut down before i knew about it like many places

debanhi meza says:

No way I went to that park it was so good I remember me falling at the stop where the clown was cause I was tired that park was the best I am so sad it stopped because of what happened

Exploring With Josh says:

instagram = https://www.instagram.com/exploringwithjosh
facebook = https://www.facebook.com/exploringwithjosh
Snapchat = exploringjosh
Twitter = https://twitter.com/i_am_joshyo

Olivia Mckee says:

I got your add

J Moon says:

I love abandoned. amusement park ❤️❤️❤️

SilverGirl says:

I don’t like going to six flags because of all the accidents with rides and deaths my mom went to  six flag when she was little and she went in the hunted house my mom said it was so dark you can`t see and a lot of people would bring lighters in but I think 2 years or 2 days I can remember  the hunted house burn to the ground and tree people were trap inside and not found there body’s or if they espied no one knows

noshitsherlock says:


Keisteena Prince says:

What’s with the background music like it sounds so sad

oceanbreeze LPS says:

This is sad bc this place used to be so awesome and lively

Lucy Grace says:

OMG this is pleasure island. I live like 5 mins away. I can’t believe it is shutdown now 🙁

Gamreboyoli games says:

Did you go befor it was suth down

IzzyBean says:

I miss it I miss is sooooo much

Emily Kirkman says:

If I had to ask you how you felt when exploring abandoned places… What would you say and btw love your videos. We know how much people used to love this theme park or theme parks but I couldnt even imagine places such like this run down… It quite hurts

Shari Paul S says:

I go to New Orleans on summer break spring break fall break winter break

Mia Chrisman says:

Kings island vibe

Cooper Tozi says:

You live in England that’s a England sub way train in case you wounded why I know I’m a rail fan

Lucy Grace says:

Who else is from Cleethorpes?!?!

Macaroni says:

That looks fun

īTz Sørvētīh says:

3:12 3:19 I’ve seen a black thing behind of the guy!!

Haley Thibodeaux says:

You don’t know what the Kentucky Derby is??

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